A fitting honor for Stamford’s quiet hero

The Stamford Advocate STAMFORD OP-ED — No single event had a greater impact on the citizens of Stamford than the Second World War. In a town of approximately 60,000 people, over 10,000 young men and women served their country during the war. They came from all socio-economic backgrounds, all races, religions, and political affiliations. They […]

Captain Eric Anderson on the fighting in Italy 1944

Following are excerpts of the writings of Captain Eric Anderson, Commanding Officer, Company L. 142 Infantry Regiment of the 36th Infantry Division. Captain Anderson was Sgt. Wise’s commanding officer during much of the fighting in Italy. The Break-Out of Anzio Beachhead March 19, 1944. I joined the 142d Infantry when it came back from the […]

Major Everett S. Simpson and Homer L. Wise

The following is quote of Major (later Major General) Everett S. Simpson describing the action, published in T-Patch to Victory, 36th Infantry Division France-Germany-Austria, by Colonel Vincent M. Lockhart, published in 1981. “The regiment was attacking the mountainous area near the town of Tendon, and we were assigned Hill 827 as our objective.The Tendon-LeTholy road […]

Reals Honor Roll Call

Master Sergeant Homer L. Wise, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, fell into a crowded foxhole and roared, “Don’t give me any crap about signed orders! Just gimme an M-1 and a batch of anti-tank grenades so I can get us to hell outa this mess!” Wise was a ragged scarecrow in bullet-stitched uniform, drenched in the […]