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I met Sgt. Wise during my Army reserve duty in Stamford during the late 50's or early 60's. I admired him very much. He was a real gentlemen but virtually silent about his military exploits. We lived at that time on Urban Street, near the small park which was eventually dedicated in his honor. The statue of Sgt. Wise will be a fitting tribute. Thank you to the commitee. Edward Backer

I was Sgt. Wise's company clerk during his assignment to The US Army Garrison, Croix Chapeau France in 1961, 62 and worked in the same office with him on a daily basis. When I left the Army in 1964 and being from Southern NH I visited him several times when he was stationed at nearby Ft Devens in Mass. All the testaments I have read on your website reflect my memory of a great soldier and a wonderful human being. Peter D. Ackles

A Kind and Gentle Man

I recently learned of plans for a bronze statue in memory of Homer Wise, enclosed please accept our contribution. I had the pleasure of knowing Sgt. Wise when I was a child of seven or eight years old . I would visit and chat with him when he ran the recruiting in the South End of Stamford during the late 1950's. He was a kind and gentle man, it was an honor to have known him. Harriet Conte, Stamford,CT


Wonderful Cause!

What a wonderful cause. Kudos to you! Margaret Anderson, Stamford, CT