Hero Fiance is on Way Home to Her

STAMFORD ADVOCATE November 29, 1944.
The most excited family in Stamford today was that of Madolyn DiSesa, whose finance, Sgt. Homer L. Wise, just received the Medal of Honor "for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity."

His achievement was in battle June14, at Magliano, Italy, in which he fired everything at the enemy from a machine gun to a gun mounted on a tank.

Wise, 27, was decorated by Lieut. Gen. Alexander M. Patch in the presence of five general officers.

"Gentlemen, let's give this man a salute," Patch directed the other generals.

" I wish we had an Army full of soldiers like you, " Patch told the sergeant.

Wise, who holds the Silver Star, Bronze Medal, Purple Heart with two Oak Leaf Clusters for three wounds in action since June 22, is entitled to a trip home now.

Fiancee Excited

This is the thing the tall blonde Stamford girl is most excited about. " now H.L. will be coming home."

She hadn't had a letter in three weeks and the first news this morning was that there would be a Medal of Honor in the family.

"I've been waiting for him for almost two years and I guess praying really pays off," she said.

Ms. DiSesa met Sgt. Wise during a vacation near Cape Cod, MA over three years ago. "Oh, he's very good looking, over six feet tall, with chestnut hair and very blue eyes. He's the kind of person who wants to do his job and the only thing he would write is, 'Darling I'm in the hospital again, or I'm out again.' He was the first man on Salerno after serving in North Africa, and then sent to France. Just two months ago, a bullet went through his right shoulder, but he said he was lucky because it was a clean wound."

Now near Strasbourg

Sgt Wise is serving in the same division of the Seventh Army with his uncle and most recently around Strasbourg. He has two or three brothers, Ms. DiSesa is not quite sure how many, and a "wonderful grandmother" in Baton Rouge, LA who writes to me all the time and tells me about him. I guess she knows about this and is just as excited as I am."

But H.L. who prefers this to his given name of Homer, is probably more nervous than excited, according to Ms. DiSesa, who should know how he would react.

"He'll probably be more nervous when we finally meet than he was during all those campaigns," she said. "He's very modest and he'd give up his uniform for civvies in a minute, but he never gripes about the Army in his letters. He just figures it's something that has to be done and he's doing his best in a big job."

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