Major Everett S. Simpson and Homer L. Wise

The following is quote of Major (later Major General) Everett S. Simpson describing the action, published in T-Patch to Victory, 36th Infantry Division France-Germany-Austria, by Colonel Vincent M. Lockhart, published in 1981.

“The regiment was attacking the mountainous area near the town of Tendon, and we were assigned Hill 827 as our objective.The Tendon-LeTholy road was our line of departure. We assumed we were in safe territory, but I did have the sense enough to send out patrols to the flank and front.

“Every patrol that came in reported Germans to our flank and front. I didn’t believe the two flank patrols, because their leaders hadn’t been with us long, but the patrol to the front was led by Sergeant Homer Wise, who had been awarded the Medal of Honor in Italy, and I knew he knew what he was talking about.

“Major, those woods are full of Germans,’ he said. I immediately ordered the attack and we hadn’t been going ten minutes until I was wounded. Mortars hit all around us, and my right arm was shattered, and I had shell fragments in my back. My radio operator was killed. I was succeeded by Lt. Col A. Ward Gillette, who commanded the battalion until I came back in January.

“This was about 3 or 3:30 in the afternoon. When I started back, shock set in, and I passed out.”

For his action Major Everett S. Simpson was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

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